versioney aims to be a tiny static site generator written in python.

The distinctive feature of versioney is the way it manages content updates: if enabled, versioney can track the changes of a file, and provide a way to emphasize this content through styling.

In other words, if you keep having loose files that are topic-centered and you update these pages periodically, versioney may be a nice fit.

But not now.

Now it's just a classic broken static site generator.


$> #versioney is available on pip
$> pip install --user versioney
$> #creating with -p flag gets a preset
$> #from git
$> vy new -p default website 
$> #edit this to fit your needs
$> vi website/vy.toml
$> #build the site
$> vy build
$> # launch a web server and head to 
$> # localhost:8000
$> python -m http.server

Head to vyfile to know more.

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