vyfile "reference"

Rather than being a reference, this page lists things you can put into your vyfile. To do so, let's dessicate one here.

title, baseurl

Put the title of your site, along with the baseurl it uses. For example, use:

title = "My Gardening Blog"
baseurl = "" 


Specify where your sources are located and where should versioney put the generated site.

    source_path = "src/"
    build_path = "public/"

Note: If you use GitLab Pages, it seems that you need that generated folder name has to be public


The content field describes your site structure, along with the options relevant to each content type. For now, the two options available are index and order:

        index = true 
        order = "asc" 
        index = true
        order = "asc"
        index = true
        order = "asc"


This one is a bit more complicated.

Templates are blueprints for each category. Templates are stored into source_path/templates.

When looking for a template to use for an entry, versioney checks, in that order:

One last thing: for content type that is ought to be indexed, you can also specify a content_type_index.mustache. Otherwise, the default_index.mustache template will be used.

The whole vyfile is exposed to mustache templates, and is available under {{}}. You can also access YAML Frontmatter stuff under no namespace in particular (though it should be), ex. {{title}}.

    default = "default.mustache"
    default_index = "default_index.mustache"
    topics_index = "topics_index.mustache"
    posts_index = "posts_index.mustache"


For now, it has no use other than being able to add/remove markdown2 extras conviniently. Sorry.

    # extras for markdown2. 
    extras = ["fenced-code-blocks", 

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